"This detachment provided my family contacts and resources to ensure my grandfather (WW2 Marine) received the proper honor guard services when he passed, I'm paying it forward to other military families."

Gary Bondaug, USMC '88-'97
"The Marine Corps League keeps me in touch with the Marine Corps past and present. The camaraderie brings back memories from my active duty and reserve days. It is also an organization that members can utilize contacts and resources for their personal needs."

Simon C. Ellorin Jr. USMC '72-'74
As an old Marine veteran, what I like most about The League is the camaraderie, they say "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" and these guys prove it.  Whether it's heading up to the Marine‚Äôs Memorial Club in San Francisco, a reunion back to MCRD San Diego or Pendleton, or just tipping a few beers and telling "no shit, there I was" stories, it's about Marines being Marines.  Join us!

Douglas Bowyer
Detachment #1122 of the Marine Corps League is a not-for-profit volunteer organization, EIN: 75-3044108.  Our detachment members are honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, and their family members.  No meeting, detachment event, volunteer work, or other community related participation is approved by or on behalf of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, or Federal Government.